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QBs drafted 1,2,3

The Gipper

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With today's trade, it now seems almost certain that the Eagles are going to take a QB with that #2 pick.

So, as I am wont to do, I checked things out historically. The data here includes years where 2 QBs were selected with the top 3 picks in a draft:


1948 Harry Gilmer 1 and Bobby Layne 3

1954 Bobby Garrett 1 and Lamar McHan 2

1964 Jack Concanon 1 and Pete Beathard 2 AFL draft

1970 Terry Bradshaw 1 and Mike Phipps 3

1971 Jm Plunkett 1, Archie Manning 2, Dan Pastorini 3

1993 Drew Bledsoe 1, Rick Mirer 2

1998 Peyton Manning 1 Ryan Leaf 2

1999 Tim Couch 1, Donovan McNabb 2

2002 David Carr 1, Joey Harrington 3

2012 Andrew Luck 1, Robert Griffin III

2015 Jameis Winston 1 Marcus Mariota 2


and it looks probably that Goff/Wentz will go 1/2 this year.


But, here is a key....it seems that every time here at least 1 of not both QBs taken were a bust or semi-bus.

The only year that didn't happen? When the QBs went 1,2,3. All of them became pretty decent QBs.

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Moving out of the #2 The Browns are gambling on Goff & Wentz being over hyped. But they could have drafted Laremy Tunsil. At 8 no way they take a QB.

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This topic came up this morning on Mike and Mike. They too noted that historically, where QBs are taken 1 and 2 that one of them will almost certainly be a bust.


The two years in where both #1 and #2 were busts were 1954 with Garrett and McHan, and the 1964 AFL draft with Concannon and Beathard.


With Goff/Wentz going 1-2 this would be the third year out of the last 5 where QBs taken 1-2.

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