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Looks like the mourning period ends today.

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But that's why Hillary is going to do well within the community. Neither the police nor the city did anything wrong and still the family gets a bonanza.

It could have been a lesson to parents or guardians who think it's a good idea to give a child and authentic-looking weapon to brandish in a dangerous neighborhood, be it Steubenville Ohio or East Cleveland.

And now it's a lottery ticket.



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She'll probably go have another expendable kid for $$$, which is how a lot

of them get born in the first place - more kids, more gov support.


They let them grow up on the streets, they don't care, until they

get a chance to be "offended and angry"...


because "where else they gonna get de money?"

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If the kid had been taught to respect authority, he would not have pointed the gun at the cop.


I'm sure there are pellet guns strong enough to kill someone if they get hit in the wrong spot.

Hell, it could have been a squirt gun but if it looks the part of a real gun, you don't point it at strangers. The kid earned a Darwin award for his efforts.

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