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Which of Our Picks?


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Will you be most interested in following as the season goes on next year?


For me it will be Carl Nassib, a player who came from nowhere to win multiple major college awards this past season. I want that upward trend to keep right on going.


My 2n would be the Princeton Prince. He came out of nowhere and I want to know why.

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All of them.


Especially Scooby, Ogbah and Superman.

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Can we extend this to last year's guys as well? I'm really hoping we see Ogbah and Orchard develop together, how Nassib and Shelton can help each other out. Things like that.

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2015 FBS Sack leaders:


1. Carl Nassib - 15.5
2. Emmanuel Ogbah - 13.0
3. Shaq Lawson - 12.5
3. Myles Garrett - 12.5
5. Jatavis Brown - 12.0
2014 FBS Sack leaders:
1. Hau'oli Kikaha - 19.0
2. Nate Orchard - 18.5
3. Shane Ray - 14.5
4. Scooby Wright III - 14.0
5. Joey Bosa - 13.5


I'm hating this analytics shit, why don't they just take real football players who can actually get the job done?

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On the other side, I'm looking forward to seeing what the O looks like in general. I'm thinking we have a #1 receiver in Coleman who can get open quickly, and a QB who can get the ball to them quickly, minimise the amount of pressure on the QB, which in turn forces safeties to not close in too much on the LOS, and then we set up the run game, and PA. Andrew Hawkins would fit that mould very nicely with his quick feet off the line as well.


I could be wrong of course, and we could be looking to set Coleman up on go routes until the CB gives him a big cushion and throw him a slant. RG3 has a big arm, after all.

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