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It's raining threes...


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Not likely to be a regular feature of these playoffs, but still worth enjoying.


Wednesday's Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Atlanta Hawks confirmed Cleveland's supremacy in one of the most devastating offensive displays in NBA history. The Cavs shattered the record for most three-pointers in a playoff half, set a new record for most three-pointers in a playoff game a little more than halfway into the third quarter, and set a new NBA record for three-pointer in any kind of game during fourth-quarter garbage time.





(link includes video highlights)

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It's raining 3's in every series. It's insane what these guy are doing. I thought curry was an anomaly but he isn't. This is the new norm.


And it looks like the Cavs picking up Channing Frye was a stroke of genius. Aw gee, the Cavs missed tying the record for threes in any playoff series by two. The record is 79 in seven games. It doesn't surprise me anymore that Moz is sitting. Frye may not be the rim protector that Moz is, but he has way more range on his shot.


If a team packs the paint to shut off Kyrie and LBJ's drives- it's bombs away from outside.


Stay healthy my friends, stay healthy. You have to notice both Miami and Toronto had some pretty serious injuries. I haven't forgotten in last years Finals, the Big Three were the Big One.

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