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Mexico cartel gov threatens U.S.


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Vicente Fox threatened war with the US too.


There's lots of problems with Mexico - Trump's wall and stance on immigration is bad for the cartels who own the politicians. Not letting them send illegal immigrants over means there's more people they have to take care of or keep in their prisons. Fair trade means our jobs will stop fleeing there by the tens of thousands.


Who cares what these bastards think though, they don't like trump because he wants what's good for the US not what's good for Mexico.

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I wont be happy to vote for someone like trump, but fuck who do these brown cartel nigs think they are?

I'm disappointed in you, if we can't stop mexican on mexican hate, how do you expect the US to love you?

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What do you call 4 illegal Mexcans stuck in quicksand?

Quatro SinkoI


Late 36 degree temp weekend, kept getting up every hour and a half

checking on the greenhouse temp - both my propane heater tanks were

low... I am tired.. kept the fireplace insert going - we have our furnace

turned off for the fun of it. Keeps us about 72...


but I LOL at this. Seriously. Just figured you forgot the illegal part.... LOL


But I didn't get the roberto one for a few seconds..

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