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Abortion battle brewing in Oklahoma


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Reminds me of a song i once heard went somethin like.....i fought the feds and the feds kicked the fuck out of me and shit on my face. Or something like that

When a person gets released from prison it's a good thing if you don't let anyone know. There might be someone who's jealous enough to set you up for a fall so you don't get out. People suck. Some older inmates took me under their wing and showed me the ropes. They told me this and I never let anyone know...I was just gone one day. Anyway my point...


I was dressing in some clothes my wife brought me and a guard was watching me. I turned around and told him to get a good look and to not worry I wasn't breaking out; I did my bid.

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You still never revealed to us if u sampled the black D or not while u were in......☕️

Oh I loved the black dick in there, couldn't get enough of it. Sometimes I'd pay them to bang me. Lol kidding.


No man if it's anything sexual I never seen any getting raped. It was primarily routine for me I wish I had a story. Most prison story's are handed down from term to term with embellishment.


If its the jailhouse hooch the answer is no I don't drink or smoke ciggerettes. I smoke weed sometimes now but not back then. I'm kinda boring.

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Probably. Remember that both sides need to keep the base awake.



You mean both sides of the political spectrum pander to their most extreme elements with bills that will never pass?


Surely, you jest.

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