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No bigger hell hole than NJ. Soldier denied ccw


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Pretty much everybody gets denied CCW in NJ.


In all those gun-control heavy places (NY, NJ, CT, CA, IL, MD, etc, etc.) you have to prove you need to carry, like you live in a bad neighborhood or work in a bad neighborhood. You have to pay a shit ton of fines, wait several months - and many still get denied.


Everytime anybody talks about "common sense gun laws" this is what they mean - more bureaucracy, more fees, longer waits, and you have to have a "good reason" to either own a gun or get a ccw to carry it - of course the "good reason" is subjective and can be interpreted/rejected however.


That's why I say fuck all the "common-sense" gun-control people. You see these places where they brag about "common-sense gun laws" and all it does is prevent law-abiding people from being able to purchase/carry firearms.


Thankfully Ohio is about as good as it gets for CCW and firearm purchasing in general.

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They also do/did that "gun database" thing out east where manufacturers were/are required to include an empty shell casing fired from the gun your purchased - and you had to turn that casing in to the sheriff's office for them to keep and put in a database. Several reports were done about how that's solved literally 0 crimes and just cost a ton of money.


Plus they have things like 10-round magazine limits for handguns and 5-round magazine limits for rifles. And in CA they have the thing where you need a tool to eject magazines on rifles.


All a big joke.

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