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The clinton foundation is corrupt - by investigators


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our country is in big, serious, corrupt trouble. Between obamao and the clinton trash...


it's garbage. This one is the one especially needing to be watched.




don't liberals care about our COUNTRY at all? or is it all about free stuff ?


don't bother stupidly attacking the sources - I posted several of them on the same subject -

this is clinton mafia type garbage.


higgardly runs for president? has liberal part of our country sunk that low?


yep. they will vote for no consquences for their irresponsibility, and for more free stuff,


and more power to get more free stuff, and more the gov taking care of their every need.


and if they do have a need that isn't filled, they simply go to an activist, dishonest liberal judge

for enforcement of their desires.


entitlement lock in... to the no longer "democrat" party.

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