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Correct the Record


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From May, but more relevant than ever.


Of course we all know that real-life Hillary Clinton supporters are few and far between.Even more so we know that they're all a bunch of old hags not necessarily social media-savvy people.


So you wonder - why is it that there's thousands of posts and such on places like reddit, twitter, facebook - even 4chan and voat where you have hundreds of posts repeating the same canned talking points from fresh accounts, or old accounts that last posted 3 years ago about world of warcraft are back active shilling for Hillary. (purchased reddit account)


As it turns out the world is still normal and still nobody likes Hillary, but a super PAC called Correct the Record has been around for several months now with relatively modest funding of $1M - with the goal of defending Hillary on the internet.


They've gotten bigger, and now have spent more along the lines of $6M.


I only bring it up because it's so friggin obvious how many twitter bots, reddit bots, and facebook bots you see vehemently defending Hillary and repeating the same talking points over and over again - famous for deflection as well.


"The Clinton Foundation received over $25M from Saudi Arabia, millions from Russia at conspicuously the same time as the uranium deal, raised hundreds of millions of dollars for a hospital in Haiti that was never built"


Then you get the predictable response from a paid CTR-shill "Yea well why doesn't Dangerous Donald release his tax returns?"




So millions spent on fake people trying to change opinions on the internet, the mainstream media coordinates directly with the DNC/HRC to steer the narrative in a favorable direction.


We like to pretend we have a great American democracy, but to me it looks like we have something that more closely resembles a Totalitarian democracy (oligarchy) - Orwell's predictions are starting to come true.

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Can someone cliff note this for those of us with phones? I feel like i have to hold my phone up in the light like im lookin at microfiche


I had better but I accidentally clicked out of the window and lost it:



Hillary for America: Hillary's official campaign team

Priorities USA: A pro-Hillary PAC

Ready for Hillary: Pro-Hillary PAC

Correct the Record: Pro-Hillary PAC (with the goal of defending Hillary on the internet basically)

Allenswood Group: Some organization who has received $115k from Correct the Record. They have no other clients besides Correct the Record




- Alida Mae Black is on the board of "Priorities USA" PAC and a co-founder of "Ready for Hillary" PAC

- Correct the Record has paid $115k to "Allenswood Group". Allenswood's only client is Correct the Record

- Allenswood Group is located at the same address as Alida Mae Black (the address doesn't appear on google street view - while every other street in the area is fine. Hmm?)

- Alida Mae Black is on Hillary for America's campaign finance team

- Alida Mae Black has held clinton-sponsored fundraisers at the same address the Allenswood Group is registered at. Which included people like - Hillary's political director.

- Alida Mae Black has been onsite at Hillary for America headquarters for finance meetings and such.


So basically Clinton's campaign is working directly with Priorities USA and Correct the Record - which is a major violation of campaign finance laws of course.

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