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Hitlery laughs at dead US soldiers

Pumpkin Eater

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Hillary is a much scarier candidate than Obama for the single reason alone that not only does she have the corrupt neocon big money Democrat supporters/advisers behind her - she also has the corrupt big money Republican supporters/advisers behind her (Bush 41/43 people).

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they don't really back her, they are just po'd that a non-estabishment republican won the

candidacy because they are terrified of the left. Even Paul Ryan tries to kiss obaMao's ass.


Meanwhile, higgardly the nasty piece of garbage'...


made money off arms to radical groups in Syria.


It's been suggested, that THAT is why our Embassador was

in Benghazi - doing her dirty work.


And they had to die to cover her tracks.


Hey - wouldn't surprise me at all.


Read this



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