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Proof the DemocRAT primarys rigged


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Goes way beyond just the DNC email crap.



And if that doesn't do it for you deniers Woodley and cleve:

Recent Stanford study on rigged election.







And if that doesn't do it for you deniers Cleve and Woodley:


It was to be determined Hillary be the nominee in 2015, actually in 2008, but i'll get into that later.

I downloaded the entire 5 page document by Googling half of the first sentence "Our goals in the coming....


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Here's the story folks


Hillary was well aware Bill was a womanizing pervert, she defended him in order to preserve her legacy, and the democrat party, knowing she was in line to be our next president in 2008.

Hillary mounts a campaign smearing the women that came forward.


Community organizer Barack Obama shows up on the scene and Hillary is discarded like table scraps. Hillary would have to wait until 2016.


Hillary is predestined to be coronated by the DNC elitists for saving the DemocRats back in 08.


The fact that there was no formidable democratic opponents for Hillary was a lie. It was staged. Both Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren were strongly advised not to run. They did not make the decision not to run alone.


Instead, she was intentionally pitted up against two doormats... and an old fart named Bernie Sanders whom everyone thought would fall flat on his face. This would assure her to be the nominee.


Surprisingly and unforeseen, Bernie became a threat....and now you know the rest of the story.

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