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Obamao uses serious tragedy to benefit his political gain against the Parents who lost military sons


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Well, if you correlate marxist teachings with Saul Alinskie's "Rules for Radicals" , etc....


if it walks like a marxist, talks like a marxist, .....etc.

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Time and time again, obamao has shown a lack of respect for our military, as well

as higgardly has, too.


Dems do it. JImmy Carter slashed the GI bill for vets, and slashed the retirement

benefits for vets.


A lot of veterans don't vote liberal.


Obamao is the worst by far.



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why is it that every single time you go for the personal attack? I'm just

railing against your "president" that is a complete failure.


Please learn to comment when you have some legit information to fall back on.

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You call him everything under the sun cal, so when ur right...like here....you still manage to not sound serious. Its nor a really a personal attack just telling you that ur entitled to think what u want but you donr have write all of it down.


I think we can task obama on this one without beinging in market theory, right? Cause ill bet theres been actual communist leaders who woyldnt do this, do its really irrelevant whether he's a capitalust or socialist.

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