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A vote for change is not just for democrats anymore


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U guys lucked out. I had a rather lengthy post that somehow I wiped out.


Here's a hopefully condensed version.....


I waited an entire week before I got on the board. I have not been on here or read any posts since our loss to Washington. This way nothing I said was out of anger by the loss. Something I've been trying to teach my buddy K2...


Win lose or draw today...


This is a team that I believe is being hampered from a management level.


I hate to say this year, record wise, is going about as I expected. I didn't think we would duplicate last years 10-6 for several reasons... We all know it's a tougher schedule and I don't think this coaching staff has what it takes to prepare a team... to implement a winning game plan... or at the very least to execute one.


I am a Browns fan. I will always be a Browns fan. But I can't help but recognize the fact this is not Paul Brown's Browns. This isn't even Modell's Browns. The only loyalty that exists in the NFL is from the fans. We have a team because the NFL knew they had a fan base for an expansion team all ready in place. They didn't have to start over. Since their return we have had a rather lackluster performance stemming from the very top. This is going to continue until changes are made and not just at a player level. Sheer player talent will not ultimately solve our problems. It will fluctuate as it always does in the NFL.


This whole K2 thing reminds me of a "wag the dog" scenario. How much time this week has been dedicated to this melodrama in the media instead of how this team finds ways to lose games? And I said reminds me, NOT this is.


I can see why the organization wanted to keep it quiet. I can see why K2 was upset. It's a shame he broached the subject in the matter he chose to.


If the front office was trying to avoid a crisis they did a piss poor job by trying to make a volatile player hide the truth.


Free agents see what's going on in cleveland. Agents of free agents see what is going on in cleveland.


We don't need anymore problems in the locker room. Losing creates enough on it's own. We all ready have receivers with catching problems. We have fullbacks giving the starting qb crap ON THE FIELD. We've all ready seen 3rd string receivers giving starters an earful on the sideline. Now we have guys who will naturally side with K2 and others who may take issue with the manner in which he spilled the beans. Now they have to answer questions concerning an issue that they didn't create by media members shoving recorders in their face or by callers on a radio show.


We have issues folks. Staph infections ENDING players careers. Bentley ring a bell? Remember a receiver named Jerevicius (sp)? I'm not counting on him coming back and bringing productive. It's not just us.... curiously, this Tom Brady "infection" isn't called anything more than that. Smells fishy!


Phil's actions have me losing faith in him. I never had faith in RAC. Hopeful at first but that faded after two seasons. I have no clue about the owner or his plan for building a super bowl team in Cleveland.


Bottom line for me is this...


There's no satisfaction in this team and it's current state. It is extremely difficult for me to believe in this organization and the direction they are going. Until there are changes made I will choose to watch all Browns games at home instead of on the lake. I still hope. I still cheer. I'll get excited when we do well. I'll get irate when we don't. But if I'm going to survive this current "regime", I quite literally need to take a step back. It's like I have to remove myself from the situation in order to not completely lose it.


While this will cause some to say I'm not a fan, my fanaticism is not based upon anyone else's acceptance of my opinion or stance. I can only blame myself if I choose to continue throwing my money at an organization that I feel needs to be cleaned as thoroughly as our training facility and Cleveland Clinic.


It's almost 5 now. Time to start the tape of todays game and cut out the commercials and halftime. I prefer my punishment straight up, and I like to get it over with as quickly as possible.

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