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Jurevicius to return

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Joe J said that his desire to come back stems from the fans calling out to him as he's walking out of the tunnel to return soon and they always wish him well. He stated that he doesn't want his daughters (who are just becoming of age to know better) to think of him as a quitter, and that all fuel him and motivate him to work-out harder and make a comeback for next year.


His staph infection is all cleared up and he is heading out to Colorado for another procedure.


Keep going Joe, we need your leadership and quality veteranship here.

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Jurevicius: I'll be back in 2009

Zac Jackson, Staff Writer



The two biggest reasons Joe Jurevicius is vowing to come back and play in 2009 for the Cleveland Browns are the same reasons he signed with the team in 2006.


Cleveland. And the Browns -- the organization, the fans and the history.


Monday, Jurevicius made official what really hadn't been much of a secret, that he won't be fit to play football in 2008. But he said the biggest reason he's determined to return in 2009 is his desire to go out not only on his own terms, but as a winner.


"I'm here to let the city of Cleveland now that I'm not retiring," Jurevicius said. "I am going to come back and play football for my beloved Browns and my beloved city."


A native of Timberlake in Lake County and a graduate of Lake Catholic High School in Mentor, Jurevicius grew up rooting for the Browns. And those memories, he said, are driving him through a "hard year" of rehabbing his injured knee.


"I take the long way to go to the stadium every game because my memories are of the Muni parking lot," he said. "When you see number 84 jerseys out there, when you see the smoke from the barbecues or people fighting, that is what I miss.


"To be honest with you, I don't want to give up."


Jurevicius, who'll be 34 in December, said he's had six procedures on his knee since the 2007 season ended and has another one coming soon. He said he's "pretty far" from returning right now but will continue to work towards returning next season.


"Optimism-wise, I'm 110 percent that I'm playing football in 2009," he said.


An 11-year veteran, Jurevicius has 323 career catches and 29 touchdowns. Including postseason, he's started 57 of 141 career games and played in three Super Bowls. He had a career season for Seattle's 2005 Super Bowl team, catching 55 passes and 10 touchdowns.


He signed with the Browns in March 2006 and was a valuable piece of the 2007 offense that became one of the most prolific offenses in team history, catching 50 passes for 614 yards and 3 touchdowns. His 29 third-down catches were the third-most in the league.


"He's a hometown guy and he wants to go out on a good note," Browns coach Romeo Crennel said. "When he finishes his career he wants it to be in a Browns uniform in front of the home fans and hopefully with winning football. That's what he wants and I think that's why he working so hard to try to get ready and be available for next year. I think that would top off his career in the right way as far as he's concerned. I know that he'll do everything that he can to get himself ready to go and try to be a productive member of the Browns."


Jurevicius said he's made the decision to return because he wants to eventually walk away from football "wearing an orange helmet with one daughter in one arm and one daughter in the other."


"I'm not going to try to be back," he said. "It will be done."

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