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Alex Hall just gets to the QB

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I'm sopcasting it today & a little behind (lag), but this guy should be only the field every down he is physically able to.

(just caught the 4&1 stop @ 3:56 left in the 2nd). Awesome job by the D.


If RAC feels like he's got to play the Old Man & the Sea all the time, I'm all for sitting Wimbley just to get #96 on the field.

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Alex Hall is a tough young player.


I'm beginning to think Kam Wimbley is a huge bust. He's a sissy. He can't make a tackle to save his life, he can't stop the run or shed a blocker. WTF???

Kam had a nice stop on J-D right before the half. Dumped his blocker, slid & made a nice tackle @ the LOS. But he should be doing that. I shouldnt have to write it down like it's a highlight reel.

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