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Pats looking to trade up

We need Tom Tupa

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Amid a dearth of pre-draft rumors (for now), Peter King of SI.com reports that the Patriots are trying to move into the top ten.


Per King, executives from two different teams said that the Pats have offered their first-round pick and one of their three second-rounders (No. 47 overall) to move into the No. 8 spot, currently held by Jacksonville. Jags G.M. Gene Smith declined the offer.


King says that the Pats might also be trying to trade up to No. 9 with the Packers.


Under the original draft trade chart, the Pats’ first-round pick (No. 23 overall) is worth 760 points. The 47th pick is worth 430. The total (I need more toes) is 1,190.


But under the original draft trade chart, the No. 8 spot has a value of 1,400 points. The ninth spot is worth 1,350.


Teams don’t trade up simply for the privilege of having a higher pick; they do it because there’s a certain player they want.


Presently, the Pats’ target isn’t known.


Given that the Patriots apparently hope to cut the line in front of the 49ers at No. 10, the target could be a tackle, like Andre Smith. Or perhaps an outside linebacker, like Brian Cushing.


One thing is clear: the Patriots will do everything they can to keep any possible deal quiet until the pick they want is on the clock. That way, the Pats won’t have to worry about being leapfrogged.


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