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Well looks like a good haul for the Browns. Picked up two first day picks and 3 players. One is a young QB that you would assume is going to be the back up for which ever QB wins the starting job. Maybe DA will get traded for a number 2 or 3 this year. Got to figure Mangini knows these three players so he must have thought they would be a good addition to the team. That makes 5 new players for the cost of one.


Though I do think if Curry had droped that this trade would not have been made.

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I saw a lot of these guys in camp last year (up VERY close)..


Coleman...steady and one of the biggest human being I've ever seen. Muscles where I didn't think people had any.


Elam....makes plays


Ratliff....this guy may be an unknown but he has great mechanics and the team responded to him BIG time in the preseason.


A+ so far.

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Well Shep, looks like you were half right again this year. Two years ago you said it would be Quinn and it wasn't but then it was. This year you said Sanchez would go at #5 which he did but probably not the team you expected to nab him.


Now things get really interesting. We now have four picks today and a lot of flexibility. I now fully expect us to get one of the USC linebackers, a solid receiver, a center, and either a running back or another guy on the defensive front seven.


This is gonna be fun.



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Not a bad trade once Curry was gone... Curry's gonna be good - the Browns wouldn't have needed to give too much up to move up and get him.


But picking up some decent players, along with the Jets 1st and 2nd - is good assuming the Browns get a good player at #17.

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