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Hillary has disease - gets non-conventional hormone therapy


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She is also mentally unstable and a lying corrupt bitch.


Side effects?



Let's recap...

  • 10mm people suffer from hypothyroidism. Included my mother, who passed at age 89 and change...
  • 9mm are effectively treated with levothyroxin. Also included my mother... for over 30 years...
  • 1mm don't respond to levo, requiring an alternative treatment such as Armour Thyroid...

Sounds to me like HRC is one in a million...

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A 1999 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that treating patients with both hormones instead of just one may improve their mood and neuropsychological function.


Despite the evidence, Clinton's use of Armour Thyroid has earned her criticism...

Just going to leave that there for any individuals who may not have read all the way through the article.

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