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Matt Lauer msnbc moderator of first debate..... a prominent member of...the Clinton Foundation


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All presidential debates are organized by the Comission on Presidential Debates, a corporation owed jointly by the Republican and Democratic parties: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commission_on_Presidential_Debates It is even headed up by the former head of the Republican National Committee.


So, even if Matt Lauer is in the Clinton's pockets, that shows the general stupidity of the Trump campaign, because the general debate format and all of the moderators have to be signed off on by all participating candidates and their respective parties; meaning that Trump, his campaign, and the big wigs of the RNC signed off on Matt Lauer.


You are correct, though, that the COPD is a scam. It's a bit much to expect transparency and fair debates from an organization owed and operated by the parties debating in it.

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