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Browns/Ravens Factoids

The Gipper

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Here are some factoids about the Browns vs. Ravens (usually done as trivia, but not this time):


1. Browns Head to head record vs. flying skunks: 9-25


2. Vinny Testaverde is only QB to lead Ravens in passing that also played for the Browns. (did this in the year after his contract was assigned to Ravens in 1996)


Jamal Lewis is only RB to lead Ravens in rushing that played for Browns. He lead Rats 6 times and Browns twice.


3. Derrick Alexander and Michael Jackson who lead Ravens in receiving one year also played for Browns. (both happened in 1st and 2d year after contracts assigned).


4. Jamal Lewis, Testaverde,, and Eric Turner are the only players that made Pro Bowl with Ravens that played for Browns. All but Lewis did it year after contract assignment.


5. Jamal Lewis, a first round pick of the Ravens played for Browns. Paul Kruger was a 2d round pick of Ravens that played for the Browns.


6. The Ravens became an NFL expansion franchise beginning in 1996. They are named after the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe. The Ravens name was additionally chosen because it is the name of a bird, and the other major team in town, the baseball Orioles were also a bird.

No other city in the US that has both a baseball and a football team named after birds...though Atlanta has a football and basketball team named after birds.

Detroit has both football and baseball teams named after big cats. Miami has both baseball and football teams named after fish or fish like creatures (Dolphins/Marlins)


7. The City of Baltimore WAS in line to receive one of the two expansion teams slated for the 1995 expansion after the Colts left town, but the NFL pulled the plug on their bid in theory for the following reason: Jacksonville, which had put in an initial bid was going to pull out leaving the award of the team to Baltimore. But, apparently, NFL Commish Paul TAgliabue urged them to stay in the running. TAgliabue had spent his years as a lawyer in Washington DC before being commish. He was being pressured by Washington DC lawyer Jack Kent Cooke, owner of the Washington Redskins to steer the expansion away from Baltimore because, being just a few miles down the road, he saw the Baltimore market as his market to exploit for his Redskins franchise and he did not want competition from a new team there. Ergo, that, plus the fact that other NFL owners like Wayne Weaver, Jacksonville was chosen despite being a much smaller market and having a bid that was no better really than Baltimore's.


8. The name of that Baltimore expansion team was to have been the Baltimore Bombers.


9. The Ravens had a logo for the first two years that was actually a very nice logo. A B inside a shield with wings attached. But, it was learned that Art and David Modell stole that logo from a fax received by a person named Fred Bouchat. The Modell's lied (as usual) about where the logo came from. The guy sued. The Ravens discontinued the use of that logo even though it was much nicer than the substitute they came up with....because, again, they were too cheap to pay the guy some money for the use of that logo. They would rather use some shitty ass logo than the nice one if it meant paying some money for it.


10. The Ravens and the Redskins are the only two teams that have a marching band. The Ravens band is the continuation of the Baltimore Colts marching band that was originally formed in 1947 for the AAFC Colts, and which has played for those Colts, the next Colts franchise (now in Indy), and now the Ravens.


11. Browns HOF player is the Executive VP/GM of the Ravens. Former Browns GM George Kokinis is a Senior Personell Assistant.


12. The Ravens have 3 former NFL head coaches on their staff: Marc Trestman, Marty Morningwheg, and Leslie Frazier.

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13. The Ravens were formerly the Browns. The Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore and changed their name to the Ravens. Revisionist history has since taken place to appease those who don't want to acknowledge this fact.

You are wrong, and you are stupid. And if you were to put money on it, you would lose.

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