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Told you So


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Told u Crabtree was not special. He wasn't even the first WR taken. It took one of the worst organizations in the NFL to pick him up.


I told you Chris Wells was not worth #5 despite all the OSU Homers. Obviously ever team in the Top 30 felt this way, as Wells went to the Cards, and wasn't even close to being the first RB picked.


I told you Braylon Edwards WAS NOT going to be traded, and guess what happened, B17 is still here! And it looks like we will have a pretty stout receiving corps for Quinn/DA to chuck the ball too.


I'm not upset about not taking Rey, we picked up Barton in FA, and still have Bell who is a mystery as he never saw any real playing time.


I'm not infomred about the DE from Hawaii we took, I know zero about him, but from the media is saying it SOUNDS like a good pick.


Alex Mack was a suprise to me though, I really thought we were going pass rusher first, but with Orakpo and Maybin off the board, Mack seemed like the smart choice.


So whats the line going to look like? Thomas, Steinbach, Mack, Hadnot and the RT is up in the air? Tucker seems like the vet choice, but how mobile is he after all this years, and all the time off?


The team already looks much better after the first day, lets hope we can capitalize with all these 6th round picks!

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