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The 4th round pick is?


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So steelers are on the clock with the 96th pick. As of now there is still a few guys im hoping fall to us in the 4th. Here is my list of guys that should be on our list if they fall:


DJ Moore Cb Vanderbilt


Coye Francis CB San Jose St.


Marcus Freeman LB Ohio State


Chip Vaughn S Wake Forest


Cedric Peerman RB Virgina

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This draft has been all over the place. I don't think many left on the board are going to be walk in starters, but simply depth.


I'd like to see a CB, Moore I'm not sure will be around. We could use an RB, but beware, JL is the starter next year, w/ Harrisson being the situational 3rd down back. You won't see any of these guys replacing, because rumor is, Mangini loves him.

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I wont be completely upset if we dont get a rb in the 4th. There is alot of great rbs left:


Cedric Peerman Virgina


James Davis Clemson


Javon Ringer Michigan St.


Andre Brown NC st


Rashad Jennings Liberty


Jeremiah Johnson Oregon


Kory Sheets Purdue


Tyrell Sutton Northwestern

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Guest Aloysius

From a scouting report on Maiava:


Run Defense: Maiava spends a lot of his time trying to avoid bigger blockers, which results in him not making as many inside running plays like a linebacker should. He can make some plays off stunts when working in-line, but they are few and far between. He just does not have the lower body strength or size to hold his ground firmly at the point of attack. He has the balance and foot speed to string outside running plays, where he can play with leverage to force the action back inside. With his lateral agility, he does a nice job of playing to the flow of the game. GRADE: 6.0

Where do they think this guy's going to play? Unless they think they can turn him into a safety, it seems like his upside is as a special teams player & D'Qwell's backup.


Not liking this pick.

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