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Can anyone help me find a certain Tee Shirt somewhere?


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I have been reading this board since the beginning of the season, and just signed up today, so please go easy on me if I am not doing this right...


Vs. the MNF Giants game, I saw a guy wearing an all orange tshirt with a big image of brownie on the front.... It was not distressed or old fashioned looking like all the ones I am seeing online...


Does anyone know where I can pick one up???


I checked the team shop at the stadium yesterday as well and still had no luck icon_e_sad.gif


Thanks to anyone who can help me!!!

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While searching for this requested T-shirt (I didn't find one, BTW) I came across new inventory of Clay Matthews T-shirts (pictured below) & Jim Brown T-shirts. I don't have a product link for any of you yet, but you can purchase these now by clicking on any T-shirt, getting into the order page then back-tracking back to ALL Men's T-shirts.


I gotta get one myself to go with my Matthews custom jersey! They're $29.99.



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