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So, let me get this straight...


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Tour says he has donated large bucks to the dems, but didn't this year, and wasn't invited

to some shindig.


He says he voted for higgardly,despite all the scandals, etc etc etc.


and has the gall to question MY moral compass because I voted for Trump,

because in the NFL draft, I value high character when I talk about the draft.


cept I didn't draft Trump. I voted for Carson in the primary. I'm not the only one asking

the question - Tour, how to you figure to question MY moral compass, when you

voted for completely viciously corrupt higgardly?



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Clearly, the guy in court twice this month, once for fraud and once for sexual assault, is the candidate of outstanding moral fibre here.


A civil case at the end of the month regarding Trump U in California.


Bit different than the FBI criminal investigation into both Clinton's mishandling of classified information and the Clinton foundation. Also e-mails were destroyed after a congress preservation request.


And everybody got immunity including Clinton's lawyer. And Bill met with the AG on the tarmac a week before the FBI made its announcement to talk about their grandkids.


But ya trump is way worse.




I'm assuming you're talking about the "Jane Doe" rape a minor thing which is not this month but next month. It's also a civil case and a "pre-trial" which will be thrown out the same day.


Even you're better than believing that nonsense. "Jane Doe" who is refusing to identify her self, make any type of statement, and being pushed by a former Jerry Springer producer that has a history of filing bogus lawsuits against celebrities.


Not only that but it's been thrown out already a couple times before - and there's no statute of limitations on what she's claiming so why no criminal case?


I could sue anybody I want for anything right now. There's a reason not even the Clinton-news-network has picked up the story.

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Clearly, the guy in court twice this month, once for fraud and once for sexual assault, is the candidate of outstanding moral fibre here.

yet, the sexual assault was already dismissed in another state, may 2016...refiled again in June. totally bogus. not buyin it.


the fraud case is different - Trump University failed. I think that one is political - the NY AT has been convicting Trump

out of court, in the public press. I don't know if that one is legit or not. But the bigoted AT doesn't sound like it's actually



The FBI KNOWS higgardly lied. They KNOW she and her cohorts destroyed many, many thousands of emails AFTER

the subpoena. We KNOW that higgardly made $$$$$$$$$$$$$ on a land deal, we KNOW she lied to the the families

of those killed in Benghazi.... how after all the hundreds of requests for more security, SHE WAS IN CHARGE AND SHE REFUSED. We KNOW the clinton "foundation" only spent 6% of their funds on charities, we know how Haiti was a farce,


OUT...but HAD to return it, we know a LOT of people around the clintons have DIED UNDER STRANGE CIRCUMSTANCES

at strange times, we KNOW she has lied and lied, committed felonies (watched what she said, now the FBI admits

she lied (but wouldn't use the word), she LIED about her using her personal email account with classified information...


come on. Everybody knows Trump isn't perfect. But it had nothing to do with our government, being a traitor, committing

national security felonies, berating victims of sexual abuse by bill, berating the poor familes of those killed in Benghazi...


damn, the list is LONG about dirty higgardly.


It's really dishonest to even try to equate the two as just "imperfect".


and it is coming out that the sexual assault accuser was paid a half mil to come forward.

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