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Last Title by Franchise Fall 2016

The Gipper

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After the Cubs MLB title here is the list of all 124? current major league franchises in the 4 major sports with the last year in which that team won a title, or the year the franchise was created if they have never won a title (noted as YO for Year of Origin). I have included the Seattle Supersonics as a separate franchise from the OK City Thunder as the Sonics are supposed to be simply an "inactive" franchise, not a defunct franchise or the same as the Thunder franchise. (though the status of that is apparently still up in the air):

2016 Chicago Cubs

.....Cleveland Cavaliers NBA

.....Pittsburgh Penguins NHL

2015 Denver Broncos NFL

..... Kansas City Royals MLB

..... Golden State Warriors NBA

..... Chicago Blackhawks NHL

2014 New England Patriots NFL

..... San Francisco Giants MLB

..... San Antonio Spurs NBA

.....Los Angeles Kings NHL

2013 Seattle Seahawks NFL

..... Boston Red Sox MLB

......Miami Heat NBA
2012 Baltimore Ravens NFL
2011 New York Giants NFL
.....St. Louis Cardinals MLB
.....Boston Bruins NHL
.....Dallas Mavericks NBA
2010 Green Bay Packers NFL
.....LA Lakers NBA
2009 New Orleans Saints NFL
.....New York Yankees MLB
2008 Pittsburgh Steelers NFL
.....Philadelphia Phillies MLB
.....Oklahoma City Thunder, no title YO
.....Boston Celtics NBA
.....Detroit Redwings NHL
2007 Anaheim Ducks NHL
2006 Indianapolis Colts NFL
.....Carolina Hurricane fka Hartford Whalers NBA
2005 Chicago White Sox MLB
2004 Detroit Pistons NBA
.....Tampa Bay Lightning NHL
2003 Florida nka Miami Marlins MLB
.....New Jersey Devils NHL

.....New Orleans Pelicans fka Hornets NBA YO
2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL
.....LA/Anaheim Angels MLB
.....Houston Texans, no title YO
2001 Arizona Diamondbacks MLB
.....Colorado Avalanche NHL
2000 Minnesota Wild, no title YO
.....Columbus Bluejackets no title YO
1999 St. Louis Rams NFL
.....Dallas Stars NHL
.....Winnipeg Jets fka Atlanta Thrashers, no title YO
1998 Chicago Bulls NBA
.....Nashville Predators, no title YO
.....Tampa Bay Rays, no title YO
1995 Dallas Cowboys NFL
.....Atlanta Braves MLB
.....Houston Rockets NBA
.....Jacksonville Jaguars no title YO
.....Carolina Panthers no title YO
.....Memphis fka Vancouver Grizzlies no title YO
.....Toronto Raptors no title YO
1994 San Francisco 49ers NFL
.....New York Rangers NHL
1993 Montreal Canadiennes NHL
.....Toronto BlueJays MLB
.....Colorado Rockies no titles YO
.....Florida Panthers no titles YO
1992 Ottawa Senators, no title YO
1991 Washington Redskins NFL
.....Minnesota Twins MLB
.....San Jose Sharks no titles YO
1990 Cincinnati Reds MLB
.....Edmonton Oilers NHL
1989 Oakland As MLB
.....Calgary Flames NHL
.....Orlando Magic no title YO
.....Minnesota Timberwolves no title YO
1988 Los Angeles Dodgers MLB
..... Charlotte Hornets aka Bobcats no title YO
1986 New York Mets MLB
1985 Chicago Bears NFL
1984 Detroit Tigers
1983 Oakland/LA Raiders NFL
.....Baltimore Orioles MLB
.....Philadelphia 76ers NBA
.....NY Islanders NHL
1979 Pittsburgh Pirates MLB
.....Seattle Supersonics NBA
.....Phoenix Coyotes/fkaWinnipeg Jets WHA
1978 Washington Wizards fka Bullets NBA
1977 Portland Trailblazers NBA
1976 NY/NJ Nets ABA
1975 Philadelphia Flyers NHL
1974 Washington Capitols no titles YO
.....Utah/New Orleans Jazz no titles YO
1973 Miami Dolphins NFL
.....New York Knicks NBA
.....Indiana Pacers ABA
1971 Milwaukee Bucks NBA
1970 Buffalo Sabres no titles YO
.....Vancouver Canucks no titles YO
.....LA Clippers fka SD fka Buffalo Braves no titles YO
1969 Kansas City Chiefs NFL
.....Milwakee Brewers/Seattle Pilots no titles YO
.....San Diego Padres no titles YO
.....Washington Nationals fka Montreal Expos no titles YO
1968 New York Jets NFL
.....Cincinnati Bengals no titles YO
.....Phoenix Suns no titles YO
1967 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL
.....Denver Nuggets no titles YO
.....St. Louis Blues no titles YO
1966 Atlanta Falcons no titles YO
1965 Buffalo Bills AFL
1964 Cleveland Browns NFL
1963 San Diego Chargers AFL
1962 Houston Astros/Colt 45s no titles YO
1961 Tennessee Titans fka Houston Oilers AFL
.....Minnesota Vikings no titles YO
.....Texas Rangers fka Washington Senators no titles YO
1960 Philadelphia Eagles NFL
1958 Atlanta/St. Louis Hawks NBA
1957 Detroit Lions NFL
1951 Sacramento Kings fka Kansas City/Cincinnati/Rochester Royals NBA
1948 Cleveland Indians MLB
1947 Arizona/St. Louis/Chicago Cardinals NFL

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What was last is now first. Cubs were listed as longest with 1908.


Of the 5 teams that have now waited the longest, I say that is misleading somewhat, because 3 of them have moved around. Two of them have been in at least 3 different cities.


Team that has waited the longest that has stayed in the same city is....of course, our Cleveland Indians. Next are the Detroit Lions, Eagles, Vikings, Astros, and Chargers.


Chargers had a vote for a new stadium yesterday. That vote failed badly....and that leaves the Chargers open to leaving....which they likely will do....to LA or somewhere else.

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