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The Christmas spirit...progressive style


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That jolly morbidly obese fictitious character we call clause Santa Clause deemed a religious symbol, therefore decorations depicting Santa banned from an Oregon school system.


Yes Santa's origin is linked St. Nicholas, but no one looks at Santa and the first thing that pops into their mind is religion, except for those fuckin whiney ass liberals who just want to start shit..


Santa is as fictitious as his flying reindeer, his toy building crew of elves, and his ol lady Mrs. Clause.



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a young guy we've known all his life... was thinking about moving to Oregon for

the woods, etc.


he decided "no way" after researching the liberal slant of the state. He hunts and fishes...


his parents blame us.....

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hard core, sold out liberals have some kind of mental illness.


They don't believe in anything, except believing that they want to

fight against everything.


God, Christianity, our Constitution when it suits them, and it always suits them

on the 2nd Amendment, Real Marriage, capitalism, freedom (when it dayum good and well suits them),

cows farting/pickup trucks/SUVs, respect for anything the rest of American respects, like our military,

our standard of living compared to the rest of the world, America first, our borders...patriotism,

religion, Israel...


it's pitiful. Just pitiful. They will hate and fight against who we are, forever. Its just nuts.

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