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In defense of Israel - the aid we send to the "palestinians" ends up...WHERE?


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  • Dec 1 at 3:48 PM
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Christians in Defense of Israel is calling on the United States Congress to stop the flow of American taxpayer money to the Palestinian Authority until they cease their payments for acts of terror and denounce all acts of violence against Israel.
The greatest threat to peace in the Middle East is the all-consuming goal of these radical Islamists to eliminate the Jewish State. Their acts of aggression must be stopped! Please see my important message below – Mat.

In March, 2016, a Palestinian terrorist brutally stabbed and murdered U.S. Army veteran Taylor Force in a vicious attack that left 10 others wounded in Tel Aviv. Taylor, a decorated war hero and officer, was part of a Vanderbilt University educational tour in Israel at the time of the assault.
Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction praised the terrorist as a “heroic martyr." In fact, Palestinian law rewards attackers, martyrs and their families with payments and free education.

The worse the act, the more they are paid, particularly if the attack takes place inside Israel. And American taxpayers like you help foot the bill.

But now, a number of U.S. lawmakers are questioning why millions of American taxpayer dollars earmarked for Palestinian "aid" are allocated to a nation advocating terror against our strongest Middle East ally – and us.

Senator Dan Coats believes this fact is reprehensible, "To provide American taxpayer dollars to the Palestinian Authority so that it can treat terrorists as heroes or glorious martyrs is morally unacceptable."

Senator Roy Blunt agrees, "It would be absolutely unconscionable to allow U.S. taxpayer dollars to be used by the Palestinian Authority to reward convicted terrorists for acts of violence against Israel."

The lawmakers' solution to hold the Palestinian Authority accountable is the Taylor Force Act, as introduced by Senators Graham, Coats, and Blunt in September.

+ + Christians in Defense of Israel is calling on the United States Congress to PASS THE TAYLOR FORCE ACT!

The Taylor Force Act requires the Secretary of State to certify to Congress the Palestinian Authority is taking credible steps to end acts of violence against United States and Israeli citizens that are perpetrated by individuals under its jurisdictional control, such as the attack on Taylor Force. Specifically, the Act call on the Palestinian Authority to:

  • Publicly condemn such acts of violence take steps to investigate and to cooperate in investigations bringing perpetrators to justice.
  • Terminate payments for acts of terrorism against United States and Israeli citizens to any individual who has been imprisoned after being convicted of terrorist acts, to any individual who died committing a terrorist act, or to family members of such individuals.
Mike, we have long opposed our nation's funding of the Palestinian Authority, an organization of people rooted in Muslim extremism who advocate the most vile form of anti-Semitism – the killing of Jews.

Please join with me in signing CIDI's petition calling for Congress to pass the Taylor Force Act! One click on the link and your name will be immediately and automatically added to the petition – or see the petition language written below in the P.S.


+ + This legislation is a way to force the Palestinians to change – or lose funding. It's their choice!

In introducing the legislation, Senator Graham said, "The Palestinians need to decide – do they condemn these horrible acts or do they reward them? You can't be a partner in peace when you are paying people to commit terrorist acts. The choice the Palestinians make will determine the type of relationship they have with the United States in the years to come."

Senator Coats added, "Our hope is that applying this budgetary pressure will end this immoral program of rewarding and encouraging terrorists.

one click here and you'll be automatically added to the Pass the Taylor Force Actpetition.

Thank you for joining with us!

God bless you. God bless the USA. God bless Israel.

Mat Staver, President
Christians in Defense of Israel

P.S. The Petition States:

I join with many other pro-Israel Americans in calling for the passage of the Taylor Force Act. The Palestinians must be held accountable for their egregious law that authorizes payments to individuals and their families who commit acts of terrorism against American and Israeli citizens. Economic aid must cease unless the Palestinian Authority stops its outrageous practice of rewarding terrorists and their families with financial aid. No more bonuses for butchery!

Click here to immediately add your name to this important petition.


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