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Bowl Mania 2016


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Let me know if this link works




Espn Bowl Mania, League name is The Browns Board.


I'll be going for my third ring, so expect to lose in embarrassing fashion.



2004 KSHutchins

2005 HagII

2006 Calfox & Dad

2007 The Great Zomboni

2008 Fooleeze

2009 Furnier

2010 Andy Magee

2011 MickyP

2012 The Great Zomboni

2013 Furnier

2014 Beanpot

2015 Rocket Warrior

2016 Beanpot

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Link to page works, but not seeing button to join in either Firefox or IE.


Only "Log in" link is under the chat window, and it's dead... also in both browsers.


Both issues bring back memories of running March Madness tourneys at ESPN in an audio forum. Was always a bitch to find your way into your group.



Chris seems to have navigated his way in, however... I'll try again later.

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I would think if you are logged into ESPN.com you can join.

I don't know why they didn't give me a url link, just an e-mail invitation thing, but I will look into it.

Yahoo leagues automatically email all of the last year's participants, apparently not so on ESPN.


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Bad news? Judging by your pro pickem performance... ;)


Clearly I focused on NCAAF this year... both my Pro Pick'em and Fantasy performances are testimony to that!

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The pick'n' is easy... the orderin' on the other hand...



Does ESPN have a Pro Pickem that includes weekly weighing? Could be an interesting parallel to "The Granddaddy".

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fucking confidence points... jesus h christ....I hate this...but I'm in


There it is ... I was waiting for the annual growling about the confidence points!



--Not like you'd win either way

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my picks are in. You have to pick some upsets... it always happens. Betting on Trubisky isn't risky.


You cannot spell Trubisky without risky...


Odd I never noticed that before...

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