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ObaMao and his interference in future affairs of our gov


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his long list of dicktater decrees has to be undone. What an arrogant psycho lefty.



President Obama reportedly has over 1,500 rules and guidelines in the queue. Over 700 are labeled as "economically significant," which he will thrust unilaterally on America's corporations and businesses at a cost of $100 million per year - a financial burden which will ultimately be passed on to the American people through higher taxes, costs, and/or job losses.

John Gray says President Obama's "Midnight Regulations," left unchecked, will create a permanent layer of government bureaucrats with no accountability.

"The regulatory state now comprises a literal "fourth branch" of government — one that is unchecked, and unaccountable. It is vital that Congress reasserts its Constitutional authority as a check on the executive branch... Unless Congress acts quickly, America will continue to be governed by unelected bureaucrats, accountable to no one but themselves."

• The Congressional Review Act (CRA) gives Congress the authority to issue a "joint resolution of disapproval" on any presidential regulation within 60 congressional working days.

+ + Liberty Counsel Action is working on Capitol Hill to ensure that lawmakers do employ the CRA to roll back President Obama's midnight regulations.

Employing the CRA means that come January, Congress has the authority to immediately revoke ALL of the "midnight" Obama regulations we are now fighting and more than 150 other regulations pushed through by Team Obama since May 2016.

If Republicans in Congress will utilize the CRA, we could witness an unprecedented reversal of much of the president's radical end-of-term agenda!


That's why I am asking our online team to help me turn up the pressure on our elected officials right away and demand that they reverse the Obama end-of-term agenda and eliminate his onerous regulatory actions!

This important FAX BARRAGE campaign will help ROLL BACK OBAMA'S END-OF-TERM ("Midnight") AGENDA.

This fax barrage targets your Ohio members of Congress along with all the key Republican leaders who hold the power in their hands to overturn the Obama agenda.


We have an unprecedented opportunity to turn back scores of President Obama's end-of-term "midnight" regulations.

But we must begin ramping up the pressure immediately.

Please help.

God bless you,

Mat Staver

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meanwhile, race baiter/rascist sombeitch obamao, and his little leftist yap iguana

are declaring that opposition to obamaocare is because...

obamao is black.


I think they are going to falsely stir up racial anger for the next eight years with their

dirty marxist propaganda.



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