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Republicans heel turn on the buy american provision..


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do some research. The dems had eight yrs to bring this up, and are only doing it now, at the wrong times, pre-empting

what the reps want to do, in the wrong places.


The "Buy American" clause in the water bill would have to be repeated the hell all over the place.

It's stupid. A general law can be written to cover all purchases. Right now, the dems'
Buy American only applies to the steel workers.


The reps want to protect the retired coal miners, etc. But the dems are playing more dirty "set up" politics.

The dems want to put all the coal miners out of work. they do not care about the coal miners.

The reps will do the right thing at the right time in the right way. and the dems trying to put amendments/clauses

into anything and everything to play political cheapshot games at reps isn't the right thing to do.

But it gives the dems cheapshot, false narratives that work with their loyal dumbfook base.

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Of course it has been Donald Trump and not necessarily the traditional Republican Party who has been so forcefully in favor of America first. He's not in office yet as you might have noticed and quite possibly wants he is the situation will take on a different dynamic.

If the letters r and d are of utmost importance you might have a point. For many of us who voted for Donald Trump I think we are hoping for a somewhat different Republican Party. Some not.



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