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Bad Santa review

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Bad Santa




R 93 min






I won't spend a lot of time on the 2nd go around for Billy Bob Thornton and his relatively disgusting but somewhat humorous romp through the Christmas season BAD SANTA. Yes it's been out for a while but this will probably be one that a certain segment of the viewing population will rent because like sex and violence vulgar sells.


If you saw and enjoyed the first one you at least won't be offended buy this installment. First go-around didn't have anything like a happy ending but they tidy that up at the beginning.


The opening finds Willy (Thornton) dead broke and as drunk and miserable as ever. When his old partner / nemesis approaches him with a caper to steal Millions from a Christmas charity. The mastermind of this heist is none other than Willie's obnoxious old mother (Kathy Bates) who seems to be inches from the grave and hopes only to complete one more job with her equally obnoxious baby boy.


Also in the mix Willie's possible son the morbidly obese dork Thurman Merman has returned for his ration of abuse. There are a few reasonably disturbing sex scenes but mostly disturbing because who in their right mind could possibly want to have sex with the drunk and filthy and puke stain Santa? But don't worry, they aren't that graphic as BAD SANTA earned its R rating from vulgar language and situations not actual skin. So if you are sick enough II really want to see Billy Bob Thornton naked you are probably sick enough to love the film.


The characters and situations are all about as foul as they can get without climbing up the ladder to an X rating but I'm almost embarrassed to say I did laugh out loud a couple times.


Once again gang, you're on your own. I wouldn't suggest popping it in the DVD player when the grandchildren are there. Well wait a minute... Maybe I would.





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