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Moana review

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Walt Disney


PG 113 min



Okay friends I realize this one has been out for a couple weeks now but I'm guessing by the time we hit the stands it will still be in the top two or three flicks. Why? Well it's the Christmas season and a lot of folks are looking for a place to dump the kids while they go shopping, and there's nobody that does silver-screen babysitting better than the folks at Disney. And this one is a formula that's worked like a charm plenty of times before.


Top Notch animation combined with good music and a story that most kids can understand. Even if they can't there's enough moving colors and action to keep their attention for an hour or two. On top of that this will be one of those flicks that winds up in the DVD player in hundreds of thousands of homes with the little girl, and maybe even a little boy, watching over and over and over. Remember FROZEN? Okay comma this one isn't going to be the smash that one was what it's still a pretty solid entry into the genre.


Like FROZEN the hero is a little girl, Moana,(Auli'I Cravalho ) who proves to everyone that girls can do anything and grownups, especially male grown ups are kind of stupid.


She's a princess of sorts, as her pop is a big shot in a tropical paradise we call Hawaii. One day the fish stop biting the crops stop growing, in other words things aren't quite as paradisiacal as they have been. Even though she's been warned over and over about the perils out there beyond the reef she feels it's her duty to travel to that forbidden land to find the answers. The answer in this case seems to be a green Jewel which was the heart of some very powerful being or another which needs to be returned . She will enlist the help of a legendary and powerful demigod named Maui, (Dwane Johnson "The Rock"). He's boastful, he's arrogant he's kind of a charlatan but this is Disney and you can bet there will be an epiphany before the end of the movie.


Anyway it's fun, it looks good and it hits all the correct notes to be a mainstay for the little ones over the holidays. Rumor has it that Johnson, The Rock, is a nice guy and very dedicated to improving his chops as an actor. I don't think he will ever be Laurence Olivier but he hasn't been disappointed in anything he's done. Kudos.





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