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If the playoffs started today

The Gipper

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If the playoffs started today, these teams would be in:


AFCE Patriots 11-2 #1 seed

AFCN Steelers 8-5

AFCS Titans 7-6 by virture of win over Texans (they play again)

AFCW Chiefs 10-3 win over Raiders

Wildcards: Raiders 10-3. and either 8-5 Dolphins or 8-5 Broncos. They do not play and have the same conf. record. Stay tuned

In the Hunt: Ravens 7-6 and Texans 7-6 could still win divisions.


NFCE: Cowboy 11-2 #1 seed

NFCN: Lions 9-4

NFCS: either 8-5 Falcons or 8-5 Bucs. They split two meetings. Each has the same division and conference record. So it may be a strength of schedule thing

NFCW: Seahawks 8-4-1

Wildcard: Giants 9-4, and either Falcons or Bucs

In the hunt: Redskins, Vikings, and Packers



The Race for the #1 overall pick:

Browns 0-13

49ers 1-12

Jags 2-11

Bears 3-10

Rams 4-9

Jets 4-9


And, FYI, right now the Eagles choice owned by the Browns with the Eagle 5-8 record would be anywhere from 7-10.

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