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An Atheist Comes to Faith


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One extreme to the other. I seen this when I was locked up.


You have an evil person with evil ways get caught and now he's a Jesus freak. Hey it looks good for a parole hearing I guess.


I have two friends who are ministers today. I met both of them while they were in jail for crimes they committed while addicted to crack cocaine. Others I witnessed to in jail seemed to "forget" everything once they got out of jail. Jesus said the gospel would do this. Some would hear it and it would get into good soil and produce fruit while others for multiple reasons the gospel message would not have a lasting impact and they would fall away. And I have seen that happen many times.


Even those who fall away though the seeds you plant may produce fruit later. That is what happened to me when a Christian in the Navy witnessed to me. I did well when the ship was out to sea and went to bible studies but all that went out the window when the ship pulled into port. Five years later though when I hit bottom I remembered my Christian friend and started to read the bible he gave me for real and then I made real commitment.


I will go in record and say I have heard God speak to me a few times in my life. The first time was when I hit bottom and seeking answers. I heard a voice saying there is only one way and I knew what that meant. That was when I got the bible out given to me by my Christian friend and got real.

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