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liberals/anarchists/leftist revolutionary sombeitches work to ruin the inauguration of Trump


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Im not sure you know who the nazis were gilda, otherwise you wouldnt be scrounging up every invalid corrollation to them that you can find. Sometimes people up to no good are just peple up to no good and need no corrolation with another group. I know what i just said has caught you wildly off guard and you may be feeling dizzy and faint. But sit there and work it through, let the concept of false equivalency marinate...

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yes, you are really stupid and make no sense most of the time.


Be proud, in your sick, asswipe way. You...kind of matter....to yourself.


and to your little birdbrain.

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Nazis? Nah. Just a bunch of idiots with way too much time on their hands.

Maybe if some of them had bothered to vote they wouldn't be all butthurt and feel

the need to protest.


Protesting and making a spectacle of themselves is playing right into Donalds hands.

He craves publicity and attention----good or bad.


You want to piss Trump off? Ignore the inauguration. Watch a movie on the DVR.

Low ratings will push him over the edge and guarantee a Trump Twitter Tantrum.


If they do attack Trump supporters, I hope they get their dumb asses kicked.

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