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Corrupt scum marxist sombeitch obaMao gives another 500 million to UN


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but they expect ...100 billion? wtf? Time to stop this redistrution of wealth to poor countries.

We can't afford it anymore. And "mmgw" has been a stupid ass excuse for it. Totally a fraud.



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I was sort of hoping that the one benefit of Trump winning the election is we'd see fewer deciptiCAL posts. How wrong I was.

Well, impatient one, the corrupt dirtbag marxist asswhole sombeitch hasn't gotten the hell out of

America's way, he and the rest of his ilk are still stinking our country up. Have heart, though, one

more day, and we've SAVED AMERICA ! There will be fewer anyways, since gardening season

is coming very soon - have to start major planning on what and how to grow in the giant garden,

and about 8 acres of field. I sold our combine - takes up too much room in the barn, and with

only that much acrerage, it isn't cost effective to do the soybean/corn rotations, and I don't like

the anti-weed sprays, so I'm going to farm differently - find some niche markets, like the mini-sunflowers...

Last year, it was only 4 months after my new knee. Had little endurance, etc. I'm back, now can work




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ya. But I don't believe anybody really thinks that money goes to fight

global warming. It goes to fight global poverty. Trouble is, we are

real close to being 20 trillion in debt. And I got the "trillion" right this time.


really deep crap.



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Half a billion is a lot of money, but it's not really a lot in terms of the US government. It's an installation of a package agreed to a while back that is being paid.

That's true but I have an inherent distrust of the UN. I also have an inherent distrust of any program that the basis of which, as far as I can tell, is United States sending someone a check.

Much like the organizations that call on the phone the association or Brotherhood or League of police Captain's Fire Chiefs or veterans soliciting donations. Assume a portion of that money goes to whatever charity they've made up but from what I've read it's Pennies on the dollar and the rest goes goes to what seem to be slush funds to me. Maybe not but...



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