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Obamao last minute hit on our 2nd Amendment


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disregards due process, legit appeals process.. and could even apply to anyone

who has their taxes done by someone else ... or at least while getting SS.


Drain the Swamp.



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sure. but who wants their perfectly fine elderly parents to be denied a gun because

they go tax people, and have their daughter run their bill payments?


see? liberal solutions aren't solutions, they are grandiose grabs of power and influence.


like obamaocare. etc

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1) thats a false corrollation chris cmon, people land on harf times for any number of reasons


2) how does pulling SS indicate you cant pay ur bills?

I'm not talking about being on welfare but having someone else take care of your bills because you lack the mental faculties.
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Chris, the trouble is, the liberal broad brushes are politically motivated.


For instance, "lack the mental faculties". Okay, if you have someone do you finances, that

assumption "lack the..." can be completely bogus.


suppose you retire in the winter to florida. you have your son/daughter handle your finances while you are gone.

suppose you camp out all summer at a campground a good ways from home, as campground

associates? couples do that. You think they drive home, maybe 3-5 hrs in state... to handle

their bills at home?


Suppose they just get aggravated about finances, don't enjoy it? Do all the Americans who go to tax preparers

have a "lack of mental facilities" ? nope.


But the general sweep of a classification of people into "no gun" lists is politically motivated.


Someone truly diagnosed with Alzheimer's, of course...someone diagnosed with ..what is it..

Parkinson's? hands shaking? etc ? sure, they aren't safe to handle a gun, everybody gets that.


Domestic violence conviction, ...sure. But "all seniors who don't do their own finances" is a politically motivated,

emotionally manipulating ploy.


So is "all veterans who have seen combat/served overseas".

dishonest classification

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if it's a false claim, like, someone else with the same name as you, you

end up with huge legal fees to clear your name, with your different ss number.


but in the meantime, liberals are happy to screw you over.

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you were right one time, and that's when you agreed with my content.


find your own content and establish your own legit opinions, THEN you have created legit content.

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