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Hey guys check this out.


I know I've been a goofball on the political forum and have some sorts of trying to keep up with you all but my heart is laden along with being exhausted. I do feel the need to say my last peace before I bid and not only lay a last farewell but hang myself in front of you...before saying I like you guys (dumbasses)


I'm tired and work is catching up with me. I haven't taken any meds this year. I'm done not only with all the bs that's wrong with me..I'm done with the whole Republican vs Dems.


Let's be honest. So it's not that having Trump as POTUS is going to affect anyone here, it's the thought of some not having to work instead of having things we all need. I'm worried about me and my family right now and for a year and a half I've been caught up into not minding my own business. Yes it's true I became a haterous Cockasauras .


So in closing its football goddamn ya's


Go BROWNS!!!!!!

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Well that's too bad. We don't really know you like we don't really know anybody else after only reading what we say on this board but from that you seem like a good guy albeit a little bit of a goofball. :) hopefully you change your mind and stop back occasionally mostly because I hope things in your life smooth out a little bit.



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