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HC/DC Chemistry 101: You're going to love this...


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Browns coach Hue Jackson, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams talk trash, let competitive juices flow in final Senior Bowl practice

By Nate Ulrich - Beacon Journal sports writer

The friendly rivalry between the coaches with dynamic personalities stole the show during a red-zone team drill late in practice.

“You see it be contagious with the players. That’s what we want,” said Williams, whom Jackson hired to lead the defense on Jan. 7. “We want the players to see that we are never going to apologize for competing.”

“I don’t know whether you can print this or not, but we’re going to s*** talk, we’re going to get after it and we want them to know there’s hard things about daily practice, but when we can make it fun, let’s make it fun.”

“Then when they start talking more than we’re talking, Hue and I can back up and let them go. But they have to have an example first, and we’re going to try to do that as much as we can.”

After Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs ran for a score on a zone-read play, Jackson looked at Williams and yelled, “Touchdown. Touchdown. Hey, Gregg. Was that a touchdown?”

Williams shouted an expletive before telling Jackson it took his offense 10 plays to reach the end zone.
“One out of 10,” he said.

Another touchdown prompted Jackson to say, “Hey, Gregg. You all right?”

Williams answered with another loud expletive.

When the defense later stuffed a run, Williams held his left hand to his left ear as if he were asking Jackson why he didn’t have anything to brag about.

“It’s about time you broke the streak,” Jackson replied.

... Jackson and Williams will keep trying to show each other up.

“If you could have a camera in the offices right now, it’s every day in the offices, do it in the hallway, sticking sticker notes up on each other’s office doors just trying to get each other p***** off for that day,” Williams said. “And that’s fun. We knew that. That’s one of the things we talked about before we signed up: Let’s do this. Let’s make sure we have a good time with that. You can’t take things personal when you’re competing. OK? It’s fun stuff.”




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Can't remember our last, intra-squad TC fight...


Bold Prediction: There will be more than one this coming TC... and Hue and Gregg will use them as teaching moments.

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Terrelle Pryor vs ...?


Good memory...


Published on Jul 29, 2014

A large fight broke out on Day 4 of Cleveland Browns Training Camp between the offense and defense after Ben Tate threw the ball at Ahtyba Rubin following an inside run play during 11-on-11 drills. Tate, Rubin and Donte Whitner comment afterwards ab


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The first time some O player insults dinosaurs, Garrett will take them to the petrified forest woodshed and club hell out of 'em. ;)


So now you're saying Myles is mean... ;)

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Just don't insult insult deinonychus and you'll be just fine Tour. ;)


deinonychus??? The HoF CB that played in ATL and SF and DAL and WSH and BLT? "nion deinonychus"???








I'd forgotten the stops in WSH and BLT...

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