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Can't stay mad for long


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Just with in the past several weeks, I was very angry, frustrated, and just down right hateful to the Browns for having the losing season they had. I've been a Browns fan for 35 + yrs. During the 80's the Browns were a team to be dealt with, going to 3 AFC Championships in a 4 your span. The 90's were slowly falling, and in 1995 the end of the Browns were at our doorstep.

3 long years with no Brown team to cheer for was just dreadful. Anticipating the return of the Browns in 1999 was a relief knowing that all the historic records, team colors and name would be back and ready to start a new era. Well that 1st game against our divisional rivals, the Steelers was a real blowout. Not exactly the start we all hoped for.

I had high hopes that our #1 draft pick, Tim Couch could bring this team to greatness just as Bernie Kosar did a decade before. But the Browns had tough goings, and even though we made it to the playoffs in 2002, it was short lived. The Browns haven't been a winning team and as bad as it seems, we have a gone as low as a team can go.

And I was really a un-happy fan, not liking how this team continues to lose week after week, year after year. But., now that the season is over, and the bitterness has left my thoughts, I can say iam still a Browns fan, and hoping the up coming season will be the start of something good, going from worst to first. Wishful thinking, maybe, but I can say iam a long time fan, and all I want to see is my favorite team become winners again. And bring back our feared fan base in the endzone, the Dawg Pound. How often can the ref's have the visiting team change ends of the field because our DAWG POUND was waiting for them. Gotta love that fan base.

So I hope I can be forgiven for my harsh thoughts and remarks. They were only out of frustration. Lets get back to our winning ways. GO BROWNS.

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no problem with the op. If you had wrestled pigs as a kid like I did, you wouldn't

have gotten so frustrated and angry, but I just had that life lesson. I learned to

enjoy the frustration bigly the first time I landed in pig poop.


That aside, I really do see a profound difference in our Browns' direction. Things are looking up,

this next draft could be a dramatic addition to the Browns won/loss record.

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