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Majority Muslim country says Trump's travel temporary ban NOT DIRECTED AT A RELIGION


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...but it won't stop the false, ignorant, "we're raising hell cause we didn't win the election" false narratives....




"The chief foreign diplomat of the United Arab Emirates, a Middle East country with a majority Muslim population, said President Donald Trump’s executive action banning travel to the U.S. from seven other Middle East nations is “not directed at a certain religion.”

UAE foreign minister Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan said Wednesday during a joint news conference with Russian foreign minister in Abu Dhabi that Trump’s order is “within the American sovereign decision,” according to Al Jazeera."

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In the countries where Obama imposed a temporary ban they are countries that are in turmoil and chaotic. In Syria we know from the FBI that the Obama administration was lying when they said that the refugees would be thoroughly vetted because it was not possible with many of their records being destroyed in the war. Libya is a failed state in chaos. It makes perfect sense for Trump to place a temporary ban until we can get a more secure system of knowing who exactly it is we are allowing into our country.


Of course the corrupt media could be telling the truth about this but they won't. They would rather leave a perception out there this is a Muslim ban than to take some time to really explain what is going on.

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