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Hue "Draws a Red Line" on QBs...


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“I still think at the end of the day, the guy needs to be able to process football and arm talent,” he said. “I think that’s really important, especially in our division, and everything in my mind goes through our division because we play in a lot of different elements and we think we have one of the better divisions in football.

“You can't stand in there in the snow and the elements and throw the ball and it’s tough if you can't process information because the defenses are so good — Pittsburgh and Baltimore and Cincinnati — it’s hard to play. Those are things that are non-negotiable for me.”



"... Process football and arm talent"... bold stuff...


Next things he'll demand:

  • RBs that can see holes...
  • OL that can deliver blows...
  • WRs that can read a Safety... on the run!


There's no satisfying this man.

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Sarcasm aside, it does offer some insight into the two most coveted traits by our HC. Not mobility, pocket awareness, or accuracy per se, but processing information and arm talent.


Which QB's had more pre-snap control than


For us I'd guess McCown.

College? You'd assume those that have played longer, and that's maybe why Kessler appealed - lots of experience in a pro system. This year...?
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