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Misleading headlines

The Gipper

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The Headline to this Article says "Alex Mack so glad he is not with Cleveland anymore".


But, of course, Mack never said that in the article. He simply said that the Falcons had a good team when I joined, and it is exciting to be in the playoffs.


So, headline writers of this sort can suck a dick.



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It's been going on a long time, since, as I remember, it was the

antagonist Tom Melody of the Akron Beacon that was good at it.

Well, FYI, the writers of columns do not make the headlines. So we can't blame the author of the article, but the editor or whomever is in charge of making the headlines. This is true in sports or news.

The same was true in Tom Melody's day., who I actually liked a lot.

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