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ah...THAT IS WHY the left is enraged, not just because they lost the election....


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but they lost their chance. They arrogantly squandered it. See, they were so certain that

higgardly was a definite next pres, they didn't have Ginsburg and the other old liberal

activist unAmerican sombeitch ...resign, and be replaced by obaMao, sealing the deal for

higgardly to add one more, and upend Constitutional Law and do away with it, sealing the deal

for libs to own America.


But they lost. That is why they were going to go to war over any nominee to the supreme court

because Trump won.


They had their heads up their wazoos... and lost their opportunity to own the supreme court.

Ginsburg is 83, and frail enough that she's fallen asleep at events. Once Trump's outstanding

nominee is a justice... at best, even if Trump only goes for one term... the best they can do

is replace a couple of super activist/disregard our Constitution judges with the same.

And they will never own the Court.


They should just direct their hate at themselves. Thank God, we really saved America.

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