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Law Enforcement loves President Trump


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This is one law enforcement officer that does not love Trump. I don't hate him either. He just like every other President, rather I voted for them or not has to show me why he belongs to be where he is. I voted for Obama twice and was largely disappointed. I partially hold the Republican party responsible for not nominating the right candidate twice in a row. This time the verdict is out on rather they did or the didn't. I don't blame them for the state of the economy but hold them responsible for not upholding what they promised their constituents. I'm in wait and see mode and that's all Trump gets just as Bush, and Obama got.

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er... Marcus. your wait-and-see must have been frustrating over Bush AND Obamao.

Did you vote for Bush twice? (sorry, just musing...lol)


I wasn't on board with Trump for most of the primaries, until the end. Somebody

who is tough as hell, and willing to fight for us, has to start solving problems once

and for all.


Somebody who isn't a good ole boy from either party, talking big but letting the

problems fester his entire presidency, right along with Congress.


I can see why Trump is the answer. Sure, he has "warts", and isn't pretty, but obamao

had "warts" too, the dems just ignored them, even to the point of voting for him the sec..

oops. "sorry" :)


But seriously, obamao caused a lot of problems, didn't fix anything. Trump, hopefully,

solves them, but it won't be pretty because of the leftist oppostion, george soros

money. I say that, because the wimpy reps gave obamao his two leftist

judges on the supreme court, for example, but the dems raised hell over

the first one by Trump...before they even knew who he was.

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Again, I voted for Obama twice because the Republican Party did not nominate the right candidate TWICE. If they had, for the first time in my life I would've voted Republican. As far as the left resistance, it'll continue to be as long as the President doesn't at least take a chance on his majority house and senate. I understand you don't care for their support of left wing judges, but that doesn't mean the President should just keep them on the sidelines for four years either. It's about the same as Cody Kessler throwing a deep ball for once in his life. LOL

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