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Obama is running a shadow government and should be investigated


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jesus these people i swear to god. Yeah obama totally looks like he's missing the white house as he's kite surfing with billionaires. Get a grip.


Obama is very clever. See, he's got it all worked out. If he's kite-surfing, he's instructing his shadow government to make waves by going after Conway, Spicer and their alternative facts. If he's playing basketball, he's telling the media that beating Trump's latest executive order will be a slam dunk and they should go after that. And you don't even want to know what it means if he starts playing ping pong...

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despite the sissy liberal misdirection.... it's true.


The liberals still in our gov depts are going rogue. They are now traitors - the left had the power,

and those lefties still in gov want to stop Trump any way they can.




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