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CNN Sob Story: Mexicans Will Be Unemployed if Trump Brings Manufacturing Jobs Back to U.S.


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In what looks like a desperate attempt to find something negative to report about President Trump’s expressed goal of bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States, CNN is covering the plight of Mexicans who may lose their factory jobs in Mexico if Trump succeeds.

The sob story is published under the headline: This Mexican mom’s big fear: Trump will take my job.


Hilda Roldan just wants a better life for her four kids. She always works overtime at a noisy textile factory here in Puebla, Mexico so her kids can get a college degree and don’t have to endure the same hard work.

“I wouldn’t like this work for them…I want the best for them. That’s why I stay an extra hour [at work] so they can move ahead,” Roldan told CNN’s Leyla Santiago while wiping away tears.


Americans should be ashamed of themselves for needing jobs. Think about all the Mexicans who will be hurt if Americans find gainful employment.


Citing Mexican experts, the report explains how American jobs are bad for American consumers.


The left routinely attacks Republicans for “greedy” companies outsourcing jobs overseas. Now that there’s a Republican promising to bring the jobs back, we’re being told about how mean Trump is for putting Mexicans out of work.



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that is stupid... why not write a story about all the Americans that can't find

jobs. AMERICAN KIDS and AMERICAN PARENTS have their lives changed

by bringing our jobs back?


OBF - GREAT OP. Yeah, the left will flip at any opportunity - complain about the loss of jobs leaving,

during the Bush years, ignoring unemployment during the Obamao years, and now it's

a weapon they bring out of their closet, except it's bashing the Mexicans who lose their

jobs they got by factories have to leave Americans unemployed....


the left's hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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