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Obama admin illegally interfering with Trump Presidency?


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I don't remember leaks occurring during obamao's reign, but like I said elsewhere,

the nsa got Flynn's call transcripts, obamao issued an exec order allowing other depts

to get nsa information, there are obamao loyalist activist hacks in our judicial system,

and other depts of our gov.


The irs turned on patriotic, non-liberal groups, the state dept was run by higgardly clinton,

and obamao owned the justice dept via two leftwing hacks, lynch and holder.


His epa hires and the obamaoite running it, let obamao own the EPA...


the dirt is deep, and draining the swamp is absolutely necessary.


We are in the midst of a leftwing civil disobedience/law breaking attempted virtual hostile takeover

by those who are in our gov, but not in charge. With the firm backing of the left across

this country.



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take·o·ver also take-o·ver (tāk′ō′vər)
1. The act or an instance of assuming control or management of or responsibility forsomething, especially the seizure of power, as in a nation, political organization, orcorporation.
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with obamao's holder and lynch doing his leftwing bidding...


there may be moles in the DOJ, leftovers from the last minute frantic hiring...


big serious trouble. http://circa.com/politics/doj-also-target-of-president-trumps-call-for-investigations-into-leaks

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