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YOU’RE FIRED. A “Day Without Immigrants” Is Not A Day Without Consequences for Tennessee Workers


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On Thursday thousands participated in the “Day Without Immigrants”, a day where people just didn’t show up for work as a way to “protest” something. It’s not really clear what as they don’t ever differentiate between “legal immigrants” which everyone supports, and “illegal immigrants” which by definition are here illegally. Some businesses and restaurants closed down to show support for their immigrant staff.


One Tennessee business clearly did not appreciate nearly 20 of it’s workers taking the day off unannounced. Bradley Coatings, Inc. fired 18 employees who didn’t show up for work on Thursday.

This is reality. If you don’t show up to work you can get fired. Actions have consequences. Consider this a “teachable moment”.


My favorite part was when the man complained that his boss was being “unfair”. Imagine how the boss must have felt when 20 of his workers didn’t show up to do their jobs on Thursday.


Deadlines don’t change because of social justice holidays. They had orders to fill. The same worker referenced his “years” of work for this company, something the man probably should have considered before walking out the door. Doesn’t Bradley Coatings deserve some loyalty if they’ve employed you for years? Instead you leave them unmanned in the middle of the week to prove a point?


A “Day Without Immigrants”, is not a day without consequences for everyone involved. The workers at Bradley Coatings wanted to show their employers what life would be like without them, and the company returned the favor.


I’m certain lawyers will get involved for now, this is a parable the Brothers Grimm would appreciate.




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just another socialist type of workers of the world unite holiday strike...


now, if they had taken vacation days with permission, that would have been fine.


Tough to give 18 people vacation days all at once.


really stupid. The company most certainly did exactly the right thing.

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