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This Article Explains Every Debate On This Board LOL


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Relevant quotes:


"Yes, sure, there were problems with Hillary Clinton using a private email server, but let’s not pretend for a second that that the VAST majority of conservatives weren’t just using it as fodder to get their pitchforks out and rage about a hated opponent. They don’t care about private email servers. They never cared about private email servers. They cared about drawing blood, and defeating Hillary. And they certainly aren’t going to care about Trump using a private email server. "




"It’s the same with the tweet about Melania. Sure, conservatives were ready to pounce any time Michelle Obama smiled in a way they perceived as smug or uppity, but are we really deluding ourselves into thinking it was motivated by anything but a revolting mixture of racism, sexism, and political hatred? Is there someone out there actually trying to argue that it had something to do with imaginary standards for a first lady, or that we’d ever hear a peep out of them if Melania enslaved the entire population of West Virginia for her personal diamond mine?"


and most importantly...


"Yes, yes, it’s hypocrisy. Of course it’s hypocrisy. No shit it’s hypocrisy. But to scold conservatives in righteous disbelief and wait for them to own up to their contradictions is to fundamentally misunderstand the nature of politics in America today. It was always bullshit, and it was obvious bullshit. If we’re still talking about it like we expect them to experience an epiphany, we are wayyyy behind the curve. An enormous part of our country makes its political decisions based on emotion and hatred and prejudice, not cold hard reason, and that won’t change no matter how many times you bludgeon them over the head with their monumental inconsistencies."



Yep, that's the Brownsboard Political Forum in a nutshell.

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